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How affordable are music lessons?

Our lesson rates are very competitive with other music schools and studios. Please contact us for current rates.


How do I register for lessons?

Have a look at our lesson schedule for 2021-22 here. Once you have an idea of the day/time options, use the "Contact" tab above to let us know what might work for you (list a few possibilities in order of preference), and we'll respond as quickly as possible to your requests. Once you receive a confirmation email from us, you will need to send a registration fee of $25 to hold your spot (personal cheque or e-transfer). Once the registration fee is received, consider yourself booked!


What are my payment options?

There are a few options for payment, and we ask that you bring payment to your first lesson. The three options are as follows: first, payment for the year in full with a 3% discount off the total; second, post-dated cheques for equal instalments of the three terms (starting Sept/Jan/Apr); and third, post-dated cheques for each month.

What is the lesson schedule, and what holidays are observed?

At Studio G Music, we follow the academic calendar: lessons begin in September and end in June. We take two weeks off for the Christmas break, and two weeks off for spring break. Lessons are not offered on the following holidays: Thanksgiving Monday, Remembrance Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Family Day and Victoria Day.


If I don't sign up for lessons by September, can I still enrol later?

We suggest enrolment as early as possible in order to secure the day/time that works best for you. But since late is better than never, we will always do our best to accommodate the teaching schedule in order to find an agreeable lesson day/time at any given point in the year.


Do you offer summer lessons?

Yes, certain instruments are offered throughout the summer (July-August). Please contact us for available instruments and scheduling. Currently, we are teaching on Tuesdays throughout the summer months.


What if I'm not interested in learning Classical music?

One of our greatest strengths as a music studio is our commitment to teaching each student as a unique individual, using various methods and creative approaches that best fit the student's style and abilities With a strong focus on a personalised music education, we are able to shape lessons that help students reach their own goals, whether it's preparing for an RCM exam, reading chord charts for worship music, or getting comfortable with improvisation.


Where should I wait during lessons?

Both studio spaces are equipped with waiting areas (and a washroom) for parents and/or family members. If you'd like to sit in on the lessons, you are more than welcome to do so (in fact, we encourage this for younger students, as it makes for more productive practise sessions at home). Otherwise, you are welcome to drop off and pick up your children.


What about weather-related cancellations?

In the event of inclement weather, lessons may be cancelled. Please check our website (home page) for up-to-date notices. If lessons are cancelled due to weather, no make-up lessons will be made.


What if I have to miss a lesson?

We understand and appreciate that people lead busy lives and sometimes double-book, get sick or have emergencies.. and so we offer the opportunity for each student to cancel and re-schedule up to two lessons per year, pending teacher and student availability. The agreed-upon schedule for lessons must be respected by both teacher and student in order for us to operate our studio with integrity.


What if something comes up, and I can no longer take lessons?

Because both the teacher and student are committing their time, we ask for the courtesy of two weeks' notice if you must withdraw from your lessons. At this notice, Studio G Music will refund the remaining amount from the total paid. There will be no refunds after 1 May.


What about student performance opportunities?

In the spring, we hold a year-end recital; and, although it is not mandatory, we encourage all our students to perform, as it's a great experience to showcase the progress they've made over the year as well as to provide a safe and friendly environment that promotes confidence. Teachers will help students with repertoire choice and performance preparation. Also, in the hope of creating a culture of students who see the gift of music as one to share with others, we're launching Studio G-ives Back -- a partnership with Elim Village that will create at least three performance opportunities each year for interested students. This is a great way for students to share their talents, gain a bit more stage experience, and give back to the community... a win-win for everybody!


Are teachers available for other services (other than teaching)?

Many of our teachers are active in the music scene of the Lower Mainland; and we often get asked to perform for various events throughout the year, such as weddings and parties. If you would like to make an enquiry about rates and availability -- or if you'd like our help in connecting you with local musicians -- please do so through the "Contact" page.

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